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Design & Motion Eau de Toilette

Design&Motion offers an unprecedented interpretation ofluxury and experience, and accesses perfection by combining art,form and technique. For a true gentleman driver who lives out his passion and allowshimself to be driven towards his fate, foot down, eyes closed andsenses fully alert.

Design & Motion Extreme Eau de Toilette

Bugatti Design & Motion Extreme - is a men's fragrance, released in 1999. It will charm fans of vintage and those who love nostalgia. Extremely resistant, but unobtrusive trail, perfume. Perfect for a winter evening, luxury and self-confident men will appreciate this fragrance, which is fraught with both harmony and strength. Also in the collection of this brand you will find another classic scent - Design & Motion. Top notes of the pyramid Bugatti Design & Motion Extreme belong cardamom, mandarin and pepper tree berries, 'heart' is revealed in the nutmeg, rosewood and plum trees. Finally, the base notes - cedar, patchouli, bean, vetiver, amber and leather Baren.

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