Created for the young, dynamic generation that demands the freedom to choose, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana is a lineup of five fragrances inspired by the art of self-expression. Neither male- nor female-specific, the unisex scents evoke distinctly different perfume personas:
Le Bateleur: Seductive. Sexy. Provocative.
L'Imperatrice: Confident. Successful. Charismatic
L'Amoureux: Romantic. Desirable. Sensual.
La Roue de la Fortune: Adventurous. Creative. Experimental.
La Lune: Mysterious. Hypnotizing. Delicate.

Like a personal fragrance wardrobe, D&G's comprehensive collection of confident and interchangeable blends allows you to seamlessly switch up your spritz depending on mood, desired sensory experience, or time of day. Multiple personalities never looked so sexy.

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