In 1893 at the age of 21 Alfred Dunhill Jr. inherited his father's saddlery business. Due to the emergence of the motor car, Alfred diversified into motor accessories and is creditted with the invention of the rear-view mirror. He entered into the tobacco trade due to invention of the 'windshield pipe', which allowed a driver to smoke a pipe without the wind troubling him. Alfred s first tobacconist and pipe shop opened in 1906.
His sister, Mary Dunhill, was responsible for the first Dunhill fragrance in 1934.

British based company specializes in Perfumes and other luxury goods. “Everything but the motor”—Alfred Dunhill’s mantra for his prized, luxury products for men. Dunhill fragrances for men are manufactured and marketed through Proctor and Gamble. They mark a tradition of excellence since 1934 and include scents such as D, Desire, Desire Blue, X-centric and the Dunhill line: Fresh, Pure, Pursuit and London.

Selected Products

Pursuit Eau de Toilette

It opens with a burst of tropical green pineapple and green leaves with a heart of cedar, sandalwood, and orange leaves. Then a base of musk, rare amber, and incense.

Fresh Eau de Toilette

A sharp blend that starts off with basil, green notes and freesia, then blending into violet, orris. Then finishing off with cedarwood, leather, amber, coumarin and patchouli.

London Eau de Toilette

Notes include red apple, rose, jasmine, geranium, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean and musks.

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