Elie Saab

ELIE SAAB Le Parfum, written without ostentation, is the commitment to faithfully translate the fashion house’s codes. “A fragrance which expresses a radiant femininity and which includes the duality of my world: the light of the Middle East and the modernity of the West.”
A name that is also a manifesto announcing the arrival of a new way of wearing the ELIE SAAB signature.

Selected Products

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum

Like an Haute Couture dress cut in a precious fabric, the Eau de Parfum celebrates the splendour and radiance of a glowing femininity. The bottle, a true jewel of glass and light, infinitely reflects the honeyed-gold nuances of the perfume.

Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

Inspired by the first rays of sunshine, Le Parfum eau de toilette by Elie Saab offers a light, bright interpretation of the signature perfume. A fragrance that exudes an unexpected freshness.

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense

The Eau de Parfum Intense by Elie Saab is sensual and addictive, a reminder of the embroidery on an evening dress caressing the skin. An incarnation of ultimate femininity. Bathed in a more intense light, the Eau de Parfum bottle takes on an amber hue, Gold is subtly applied on the bottle in refined strokes.

Le Parfum L'Eau Couture

A fragrance like no other, L’Eau Couture is an unprecedented contrast between the sophistication of a Couture look and the freshness of an Eau. A fragrance inspired by the fresh, urban spirit of the Cruise Collection, an evocation of natural, luminous femininity. The precious bottle is bedecked in radiant almond-green reflections, the ultimate ‘Couture’ hue, neither fully green not fully blue.

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