Jean Paul Gaultier

For more than 20 years, Jean Paul Gaultier has been championing personal style, dismantling common ideas of what should—and should not—be worn. Gaultier demolishes and reconstructs, dismantles and recycles, producing clothing that consistently thwarts convention. Regarding fragrance as the "first garment we wear," Gaultier's multitude of surprising, audacious, and sensual scents are crafted to express each wearer's personality. He creates fragrances intended to reveal the body, enhance the power of seduction with elegance, and speak the messages whispered by the skin.

Selected Products

Le Male Eau de Toilette

Since Jean Paul Gaultier's first men's collection, he has shown men that they can indulge in the forbidden, and that a kilt or dress can be worn with virility. A reminder to them that nothing in life is totally black or white but always a blend. Just as he made the woman in a corset as the symbol and bottle of his feminine fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier now transforms the man in a sailor's T-shirt into both the symbol and bottle of 'LE MALE.'

Gaultier² Eau de Toilette

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features amber, musk and vanilla.

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